About Me

I like eating out and I love interior design, but have no professional experience or knowledge to comment on either in any sort of expert fashion. Instead, I work in healthcare in Melbourne, Australia.

This blog is a chance to live out my fantasy life as an interior designer, living in a tiny apartment in a suburb of Stockholm, perhaps going by the name of Anna or Yuki, eating out lots and never counting calories, growing lots of healthy indoor plants and riding my bicycle everywhere.

I like the interiors of places, and I think the space in which you eat counts for alot in the experience of dining. I love going into a restaurant that has thought about its decor, where the surroundings show you the concept behind the food, where you know what to expect from your meal. Some interiors excite you and draw you in, others tell you to sit back, relax and feel at home. And some places substitute as gallery spaces, really, showcasing modern design and are just filled with cool stuff.

While I love food, its the interior design of restaurants that really interests me, and I hope my blog reflects that.

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